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My name is Joshua Taubes aka. DieselJosh, I was born and raised in East Village Manhattan, New York. I strive for the best, and create results, harmony, & peace in my work. I am a college graduate, and ACE fitness certified instructor, with a specialization certification, in behavioral change, and nutrition.

I am driven by a genuine enthusiasm, and passion for what I do! I care immensely for my clients and their success, utilizing all my resources to make sure they are on the right path- physically, and mentally, to achieving their personal goals.

I do my best to be an inspiring and motivating presence, striving to help all people, so we can achieve our goals, in the gym, and in life! I hold myself accountable for every choice I make, and demand the readiness to work from my clients.

My primary objective as your coach, implementing the fundamentals of resistance training. Once learned, helping to create dynamic strategies, to improve efficacy in our work together. The result=improved body conditioning, increased strength, & confidence. I believe it's extremely important to be aware of the physical self, and to have a conceptual understanding of our spacial world. This can be taught through harmony, transcribed in the language of body mechanics.

I am a lifetime natural athlete, I have never used any medical drugs to change, or enhance myself. I have developed my own body through fifteen years of immense determination, and consistent effort in my training, as well as intelligent, safe and efficient supplementation and diet.


I believe inclusion, kindness, respect, integrity, professionalism, and work ethic are the most important elements of success. I am confident, experienced, efficient and pragmatic, as well as introspective, and observant. I have extremely high verbal and logical reasoning skills, and come from a lineage of renowned philosophers and scholars.

I am a competitive bodybuilder with the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) and NPC (National Physique Committee), winning the Men's Open Heavyweight Division in the 2016 WNBF Hercules Classic and placing second in the Men's Novice Open Heavyweight Division of the 2016 NPC Steve Stone Classic.



Personal Training 

  • 1 Hour Single Session - $200

  • 1 Hour Remote Session - $125


Package deals

  • 1 Hour in Person Session - 8x Sessions = $185per (2x training per week for 1 month - $1480)

  • 1 Hour in Person Session - 12x Sessions = $165per (3x training per week for 1 month - $1980)

*Limited spots available

*Sessions cancelled within less than 24 hours notice will be fully charged

*All payments via Cash or PayPal, or Venmo, USD, invoice required in advance

Online Coaching

  • Custom Training Program- $600

My program is a testament to my personal success. Years of experiential analysis, and personalized strategy, that I have cultivated with phenomenal results. How to best develop lean muscle, lose body fat, and gain confidence [naturally]!


With my program, you will have access to my personal correspondence for a 6 week time period. I will transition you into my high volume workout regimen, and high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Following my dynamic and intense program, is the best place to start making serious changes to your fitness lifestyle! I will adjust your program to fit your available equipment, and personal expectations.


I care deeply for your results, and commitment to my program. I guarantee a commensurate level of effort, in helping you grow. I will be available to you throughout the entire process, via email, text or scheduled phone call, to make sure you are implementing the program correctly, and feeling positive about the changes ahead.


(Includes workout program, meal plan and supplement guide. 6 weeks of coaching correspondence)

Diet/Supplement Plan

  • Muscle Building Diet- Currently Unavailable


Based on the diet and supplement regimen I have followed for approximately 10 years. Effective for losing body fat and gaining quality muscle mass.

(Includes desired macro goals, eating & muscle building philosophy, supplement advice, and healthy food options to reach maximum muscle building potential)


Start taking your health, & fitness more seriously!



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